ASP Tutorials

February 21, 2008

ASP Tutorials

6.20% Web requests went to this book. This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning ASP himself. Topics include ActiveX, ASP, attachment, collection, cookies, database, HTTP response header, IIS, MS Access, redirect, scripting, script debugger, script runtime DLL, session, VBScript, etc.

About This Book

Active Server Pages (ASP)

  • What is ASP?
  • Static, Client Scripting and Server Scripting Pages

Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • Making Sure IIS 5.0 Is Running
  • Making sure IIS 5.0 Is Supporting ASP Pages
  • Reviewing IIS 5.0 Settings

Microsoft Script Debugger

  • Running MS Script Debugger
  • Debugging ASP Pages

Visual Basic Script (VBScript)

  • Using VBScript in ASP Pages
  • Mixing VBScript Statements with Static HTML Text
  • Variables and Expressions in VBScript
  • Arrays
  • “Collection” Class

ASP Objects

  • ASP Object Model
  • The “request” Object
  • The “response” Object
  • The “server” Object
  • The “application” Object
  • The “session” Object

ASP Sessions

  • What Is a Session?
  • The “session” Object
  • Passing Values between Pages
  • HTTP Communication Level Debugging

Using Cookies

  • What is a Cookie?
  • Sending and Receiving Cookies
  • Cookie Properties and Itemized Values
  • Some Other Cookie Definitions

Managing Session with and without Cookies

  • ASP Session State and Cookies
  • Managing Your Own Session State

Microsoft Scripting Runtime DLL

  • “scrrun.dll”
  • “Dictionary” Class
  • “FileSystemObject” Class
  • “Drive” Class
  • “Folder” Class
  • “File” Class
  • “TextStream” Class

ActiveX Data Object (ADO)

  • What is ADO?
  • “Connection” Class
  • “RecordSets” Class
  • glossary.asp – ADO Example

Controlling HTTP Response Header Lines

  • HTTP Response Syntax
  • HTTP Response Header Lines
  • Controlling Response Header Lines
  • Viewing Response Header Lines
  • Response Header Lines of Static Files
  • Setting Header Lines Directly in ASP Pages
  • Sending Binary Files to Browsers

ASP Performance

  • Calculating Prime Numbers
  • Response Time of “Hello” Page

Using MS Access Databases

  • Connecting ASP Pages to MS Access Databases
  • Persisting Data to MS Access Databases
  • Protecting Data in SQL Statements

hyBook – A Simple Guestbook Application

  • Design Overview
  • Database Tables
  • Configuration File
  • Page Layout Templates
  • Guestbook Main Page
  • Data Submission Issues
  • Webmaster Administration Page



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